Will you give information about the death of jinn? Where do jinn bury the dead bodies of jinn?

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Will you give information about the death of jinn? Where do jinn bury the dead bodies of jinn?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

We hear that there is an incident called “the burning of jinn, making jinn burn”. When some people visit some spirituals, exorcists, etc, they hear some statements like the following: “I made ……..(so many) jinn burn. So many jinn were burnt."

How can jinn who were created out of smokeless fire burn? Is this burning normal burning that we know; or is a physical and chemical operation in question?

What is obtained through experience and research is as follows:

Jinn are conscious and clever living beings like humans. However, man is superior to jinn in terms of mind and reasoning. Jinn have some superior aspects to man like speed, appearance and going to the past and returning. They also have spirits like us. They remain alive thanks to their spirits. The difference between them and us is the fact that our spirit is related to a mass of molecules and a material body; and jinn's spirit is related to energy and a current.

When man dies, the spirit leaves the body and goes to the realm of barzakh. The body consisting of flesh and bones is put into the ground. After a while, the body decays and becomes part of the ground. It changes form and is transformed into another state. However, the number of atoms and the balance of constant mass in the universe do not change. When a jinni dies, its spirit goes to the realm of barzakh; its spiritless body, that is, its energy, remains in the world as energy.  

When the people who naturally have magnetic current and energy in their bodies and whom we call "medium" encounter jinn, they can neutralize jinn based on the amount of the current and energy in their body. The neutralization of a jinni means its death.  

Jinn die either normally or through outside intervention by being neutralized. It is necessary to determine well whether this death originates from the prayers that are said or due to a law of physics.

Yes, the magnetic power in man sometimes kills and sometimes injures jinn. It depends on the state of the positive or negative current of that person at that time and the form and state of a jinni when it passes into the material realm from its own realm.

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