Is it possible to marry jinn? If it is, is it permissible?

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Is it possible to marry jinn? If it is, is it permissible?
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Marriages between jinn and men based on the consent and acceptance of the both parties and a contract do not take place. The rumors about marriages between them are not marriages that are based on consent and contracts but in the form of molestation and rape.

To accept that there exist rape and sexual closeness between them cannot prove that marriage between them is legitimate. Otherwise, a woman who gives birth to an illegitimate child may say, “I am married to a jinni; the child’s father is a jinni”, and try to get away with it. Islamic law does not accept a claim like that as acceptable and does not regard the owner of that claim excusable. (Mehmed Emre, Cinlerle İnsanlar Arasında Evlilik)

Another issue that causes hesitation and misunderstanding in the society is marriage with jinn. In terms of creed, there is nothing like that in the Quran or in hadiths.

It is not permissible for man to marry an animal because they are of different species; it is not permissible to marry a jinni, either. (al-Fatawa'l-Hadisiyya. 167; Halil GÜNENÇ, Günümüz Meselelerine Fetvalar II. 111)

Man consists of the condensation of cells and molecules; a jinni consists of a current of energy in the form of ray. It is impossible for men and jinn that are in different dimensions and have different nature to come together physiologically and biologically and to get married. Jinn can give men only feelings and desires; they can arouse the sexual feelings of men; they can activate the centers of lust in the human brain through magnetic currents.

It is not permissible to kiss jinn since they are conscious beings.

No marriage takes place between men and jinn because one of the necessities of marriage is being together. However, it is not possible for men and jinn to be together. There are no common points between them in terms of eating, drinking and housing; so, they cannot be in harmony. Then, since there cannot be harmony and living together, there is no use in their marriage. Therefore, there is no marriage contract between them. If their marriage were deemed legitimate, the women who became pregnant due to fornication would claim that male jinn made them pregnant, causing the spread of mischief in the world. In order to eliminate that mischief, it is necessary that marriage with jinn be illegitimate.  (M. Vehbi, 15, 6176)

The issue of marriage between jinn and men are reported from Israelite traditions, wrong religions and superstitions. When stories are transmitted from generation to generation and ear to ear, they undergo changes and become superstitions.

Schizophrenia, which is an illness related to the brain, has many forms. Hallucination is often observed in schizophrenia. A jinni that makes itself visible to a schizophrenic person in the form of hallucination can convince that person that they are married. It may seem in the form of a naked person and increase man’s lust, making him/her see an imagination of marriage. A person can be junub as if he is having a wet dream. The jinni warns the brain of the person magnetically and sends currents to the center of lust in the brain. The person who is ill in brain thinks that it is true and says, “I am married to a jinni” everywhere. Truth and imagination become intermingled.

If the jinni that molests a person and shows him/her imagination convinces that person that his/her children belong to it, that person will claim that the children are from the jinni. However, there is nothing like that in the material world; it is only a vision. The person who says he contacts a jinni cannot realize that it is a vision. That person may ejaculate just like the people who have wet dreams. When he/she tells others about it, he/she is either sent to a psychiatry clinic because he/she is mad or people who think that it is true believes him/her.

Jinn are creatures with mind and consciousness like human beings. However, we do not know how they are; there is no doubt about their existence because the Quran informs us about their existence, belief and unbelief using an expression that cannot be interpreted differently. It is a reality; it is regarded unbelief to deny their existence.

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