What do you say about the claim that Big Bang does not prove the creation from nonexistence?

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What do you say about the claim that Big Bang does not prove the creation from nonexistence, that a random particle, which appeared spontaneously as a result of a random process caused by the quantum fluctuations taking place in a vacuum environment, expanded and formed the universe?
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The quantum fluctuation is a unit of energy which matter achieves at a speed close to the speed of light. According to the formula e=mc², you achieve the matter if you stop the speed of the energy; you convert the matter into the energy if you make the matter reach the speed of the light.    

Whether you discuss about the matter or the quantum which is a unit of energy, both are existing things indeed. There is a past for that existing thing that you discuss and a future time after it. The past before that quantum unit is nonexistence for it. At least, that quantum was not in existence in that physical world. Definitely, it may come into existence only through a chooser’s willing and taking it out of the world of nonexistence into the world of existence.     

The second stage is that particle’s forming the universe by getting expanded. How will that happen? From where and how will the atoms which are the building stones of that wide universe come into existence from one particle? Definitely, they must have been taken from the world of nonexistence into the world of existence through will and predestination, planning and programming of a creator because expanding of that first particle means adding it new elements. Since those new elements had not existed in this world, they should have been created anew from nonexistence. 

Regardless of their shapes and processes of coming into existence are, all being things have been taken into that world of existence from the world of nonexistence through the knowledge, will and power of a creator and they have been formed through His sphere of knowledge according to a certain plan and program.

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