Question 49: They say that things exist when we look at them and that they disappear when we do not look. So,does the chair behind me disappear when I turn my back now? They claim that the universe is a hologram. It is a reflection from another place.

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Question 49: They say that things exist when we look at them and that they disappear when we do not look. So,does the chair behind me disappear when I turn my back now? They claim that the universe is a hologram. It is a reflection from another place. They say that quantum physics proves them. Is that true? Do they have anything to do withwahdat al-wujud (unity of being)? I have delusions now. Please help me about it.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: Suppose that things exist when you look at them and disappears when you do not look. What will you do? Are you preparing a thesis on this subject? Why do you follow such developments curiously? To enter into a discussion with half mind and almost no information about these issues means to deliberately commit suicide spiritually.

It is Allah who creates matter and assigns itits duty. He gives matter any shape He wishes and assigns it any task He wants. It is not so important for those who are not specialized in the subject, that is, those who are not researchers on the structure of matter, to know or not to know the nature of matter. It is dangerous for those who do not have enough basic knowledge about the deeds of Allah in the universe and the creation of beings, to enter into discussions with atheist philosophers on the Internet. They will either be confused, become completely mad and go to mental hospital, or become irreligious people because philosophers who professionally deny and reject a creator learn lessons from each other and from Satan about denying Allah.

No one can catch up with Satan in deceiving, cheating and trapping man because he has dealt with billions of people until now. He twists the people who rely on their knowledge and their souls and who act conceitedly with their little knowledge around his finger.

Most of the famous philosophers in this subject either committed suicide or went to mental hospitals toward the end of their lives.

Allah did not fully inform even His prophets about the reality of things. One of the prayers of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is as follows: O Lord! Inform me about the reality of things.

When we go back to the nature of matter in the question above after this brief introduction, it is understood that matter consists of atoms, atoms consist of subatomic particles, and subatomic particles emerge from energy condensation, and that energy emerges from the manifestation of luminosity.

To understand it better, we can think of a pen as an example. The structure of the pen is material. That is, it is made up of elements. Considering that this pen moves at the speed of light, that is, three hundred thousand kilometers per second, the pen we haveis transformed into light. If it is assumed that this pen moves faster than the speed of light, for example, at a speed of six hundred thousand kilometers per second, it is stated that the pen we have will enter the realm of tachyon, that is, it will assume luminosity and the concept of time and space will disappear in that medium.

In other words, when we consider the subatomic realm of the atoms that constitute matter, it is stated that that realm consists of energy fluctuations, backward and forward movements of tachyons and their radiations. That is, there is no tangible being around; that material structure is replaced by energy rays and luminous glitter. In other words, it can be said that material beings act in the subatomic realm as if they exist and do not exist. It does not mean to ignore the existence of matter.

In Sufism, there is the issue of wahdat al-wujud (unity of being). A similar evaluation of matter is in question there. They state the following

Lamawjudailla Hu (There is no being except Him). La mashhudailla Hu (There is no visible being except Him).

That is, all beings are regarded as non-existent in the presence of Allah’s existence. The real being belongs to Allah. The others are in the form of the shadow of His names.

Everything in the visible realm, that is, this realm in which we are in, consists of the images of the names of Allah. In other words, beings other than Allah do not have their own realities.

It is possible to express this idea in Sufism as the image of the sun in the mirrors. For example, the image of the sun becomes manifest in the mirrors on earth. The light in those mirrors and the seven colors that are connected to the light in those mirrors come from the sun, not from the inside of the mirrors. When the sun removes its light, the mirrors will be left in the dark; similarly, when Allah removes the manifestations of His names, that is, their reflections, all beings will be left in the dark, that is, in the realm of non-existence.

The evaluation that the universe is a hologram and that it is perceived as a reflection of another place is no different from it.

Holography is the name given to three-dimensional image based on laser rays. The hologram is a three-dimensional laser photo of the original object. In other words, it is the recording of three-dimensional knowledge with laser technology.

Since holograms contain depth and parallax, it allows the perimeter of the object and the objects behind it to be seen in greater depth. Thus, it becomes possible for beings to appear from many angles and depths just like what we see in real life.

Information about the existence of an object in space usually reaches us as sound waves or light waves. Holography is a technique that stores the information in the waves coming from the objects in a certain way and reveals them without any loss in this information.

As it is known, every light wave has three properties:

1- Intensity defined by wave height.

2- Color expressed by wavelength.


Changes in the intensity of light are recorded in black-and-white photographs. As for color photographs, wavelength changes are recorded along with intensity of light. In holograms, the direction of the light waves is determined along with the intensity and wavelength of the light; and the object is displayed in three dimensions. For example, when a hologram with a rose image is cut into two pieces and then illuminated by a laser, each half contains the entire image of the rose. If these half pieces are split again, it is seen that each film particle contains a smaller but complete image of the original rose pattern. Unlike other photos, each part of the hologram contains all of the information applied to the whole.

In conclusion, when the universe is viewed, it is understood that the whole world, from atoms to galaxies, is intertwined like a tree, that its basic substances, movements, the laws and principles its systems are subject to are the same and that they are managed by a single hand.

When the subatomic realm is examined a little more closely, it is seen that all beings are completely stripped of matter and attain luminosity, and that they are a reflection of many names of Allah, especially the name Nur.

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