What is Holography? What kind of an invention is holography related to showing the metaphysical dimension of existence?

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Developing science, brings us together with new concepts related to matter and space. The developments in the sciences of the modern age, especially in the physical sciences, reveal the new dimensions of the existence and the metaphysical realities. The results make us understand that our universe is literally intertwined with other universes. Thanks to new discoveries, we can formulate ideas more easily about the universes on the upper floors and the invisible truths of the Quran. New developments take the issue out of the narrow patterns of space and move it to the vast and bright horizons of faith.

We have difficulty in understanding the metaphysical properties of beings. In order to understand these strange states, it is necessary to understand the concepts of subtlety (fineness, luminosity) and density (solidity, matter). Materialist understanding ignores the subtle states and the metaphysical reality, which is the luminous dimension of existence.

           2.2.1.The Connection of Something with Everything: Holography

            One of the inventions showing the metaphysical dimension of existence is holography. Holography provides us with examples showing at the level of light and electron that something is connected with everything and that there is a connection even between distant things without cause and effect relations. Furthermore, those discoveries show that a high system is sovereign in things despite the complex relationship among them. The discoveries about holography are clear examples of the name of Wahid (One), which shows the oneness of the Creator in the "whole," and the name of Ahad (One), the evidence of unity in the "units".

In conclusion, holography is an example showing the metaphysical properties and secrets of the existence that are not dependent on time and space.

       What is Holography?

            First of all, let us try to explain what a hologram is like. To form a hologram, it is necessary to divide a single laser beam into two separate beams. We bounce the first beam on the object to be photographed. Then, we collide the second beam with the light reflected from the first one. An interference pattern emerges. We record the pattern and look at the film. Now, the image has been photographed, but it has no similarity to the photographed object. We pass another laser beam (or another bright light source) through the film. This time we encounter something that we can never guess. A three-dimensional image of the original object now appears. This is a holographic image! You can move around this image if you want. You can even look at it from different angles as if it were a real object. However, you cannot touch it. When you want to touch, your hand goes through the image. It is not an object; it is a ghost image!

The more interesting part of holography is as follows: Take a holographic film with a human image recorded on it. Divide it into two and then illuminate each part with laser. What happens? You will see full picture of the person on both halves! Let us split the half films again and again. We continue to see the full picture in each divided part. Even the smallest part of the picture is the whole and full picture!

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