How are the oneness of the creator, the realities of Unity and Oneness, which dominate the universe, understood by holography?

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2.2.5-Holography and Luminosity

            The fact the whole universe is hidden in the smallest unit is expressed by Einstein as follows: “If we could understand a grain of sand, we would understand the whole universe”.  The statement of the Prophet (pbuh), who discovered the universe in the light of the Quran, “A particle is a mirror of the whole” expresses this fact concisely. The small thing is an example of the big thing. A part is the reflection of the whole. The one who cannot create the small thing that cannot create the big thing. This fact sheds light on our understanding of the Creator’s names Wahid and Ahad.

In conclusion, the facts revealed by holography allow us to better understand some of the Quranic truths. The fact that a small part of the holographic film bears the information in the whole provides us with evidence and signs that the information is not based on place and that it is everywhere. It also opens up new windows to the indivisible integrity of the universe and the reality of the oneness of the Creator by showing the connection of one thing with everything, the smallest bearing the properties of to the biggest. Holography is the new title of the realities of Oneness and Unity, which dominate the universe, discovered through science.1

1. The following resources can be useful for those who want to access to detailed information about holography: (a), an interview with Karl Pribram. (b), Karl Pribram’s holographic brain theory and its comparison with classical models. (c), an article on the Holographic Universe. (d), Pribramand Bohm’s holography theory is explained. (e)şzamanlılık

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