Is there disorder in the universe? Where did the idea of chaos come from?

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2.2.2-High Order Not Chaos

            Bohm concluded that there was no room for disorder in the universe. Besides, mathematicians could not prove the disorder. The so-called disorder was in fact a high and advanced level of "manifestation of order." Bohm thought so. Then, there must have been mistakes in the theory of chaos. He designed a simple experiment for this purpose. He placed a cylinder in a jar and filled it with glycerin. A drop of ink dripped into the glycerin disintegrated and disappeared when the cylinder rotated but it took the form of a drop again when turned back. Even the ink distribution, which should have been irregular, had a pattern. This experiment can be compared with the formation of pictures on the surface of water in marbling art. The resulting “high symmetry” shows that the electrons in water are connected with and aware of one another, without cause and effect relation. Being aware can definitely not be the work of unconscious water particles and electrons. It can be the act of the Creator and the Creator of all the Light, whose knowledge encompasses all things and makes particles work like soldiers. The interferences on the holographic film appear to be irregular with a superficial look but there is a secret and hardly discernible layout. The claim of the chaos theory that there is disorder in the universe stems from the inability to see the order displayed by holography.

Where did the idea of ​​chaos come from? The subtle and delicate order that has complex relations with each other is not easy to recognize. For this reason, a developed mental structure away from prejudice and a holographic point of view is required to see the whole picture.

The materialist understanding tries to use science against faith. It uses some scientific arguments for this purpose. Materialists try to give the impression that there is disorder in the universe since the extraordinary elaborate and complex structure of the advanced order in the universe conceals itself from superficial gazes.

           In conclusion, with the hologram theory, which is a new name of the metaphysical reality, Newton’s rigid determinism evaporates; instead, a model of movable universe and existence in which everything is connected with one another, where matter is freed from limitations, emerges. As our knowledge about the truth of matter increases, it becomes clear that chaos is the nightmare of the ignorant people.

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