What is the Wisdom behind the Fact That Cleanliness is Regarded as a Necessity for Belief?

God Almighty imposed a general cleanliness law and ordered all of the beings to obey that law. When we look around us, we see that this law is dominant on everything, from atoms to the sun, from the particles to the stars.

The red blood cells eliminate the harmful microbes and other things that enter the body, obeying that order; the breath that we always inhale and exhale cleans the blood, showing that it surrenders to the same law. The eyelids wipe the eyes. The flies clean their wings, showing that they obey that order; the big clouds in the sky and the air obey it, too. The air blows the rubbish consisting of dust and dirt that lands on the earth and cleans it. The cloud sprinkles water like a wet sponge on the ground and makes the dust settle. Then, it moves away by collecting the rubbish so as not to make the sky dirty. It leaves the beautiful face of the sky in a clean, wiped and shiny state.

They are all examples showing how regularly the law of cleanliness that Allah has imposed on the universe works.

This general cleanliness in the universe is the manifestation of the name al-QUDDUS (the Pure One) of God Almighty.

All beings, from atoms to stars, obey this law of cleanliness in the universe, which is based on al-Quddus, one of the names of Allah, and pay great attention to their cleanliness; so, it cannot be thought that human beings are exempt from this universal and divine law.

As a matter of fact, God Almighty also addressed man, who is the most honorable and superior creature, regarding the order of the cleanliness that He imposed on the universe and made him responsible for material and immaterial cleanliness.

Since the reality of cleanliness is based on al-Quddus, one of the greatest names of Allah, cleanliness is regarded as a part of the light and perfection of belief. It is indicated in the verses that material and immaterial cleanliness is a means of obtaining the love and consent of Allah.

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