Will repeating Allah's name al-Quddus open the part of our brain related to it?

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Will repeating Allah's name al-Quddus open the part of our brain related to it?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

There are definitely a lot of thawabs for the supplications, dhikrs and Asma al-Husna (beautiful names of Allah) when they are repeated a lot. However, there should be some rules of obtaining the results from them. Those who do not act in accordance with those rules will not attain the results that are expected. 

It is the Quran’s order to mention (dhikr) Allah. Mentioning Allah can be with any name of Allah. It is true that when people undergo certain processes, they give importance to certain names. For instance, the dhikr of lovers who are interested in the love of Allah is usually the name al-Wadud (the Loving One); those who are interested in mediation generally mention the name al-Hakim (the Perfectly Wise). It is true.  

- However, it is not appropriate to think that a person who has no share in the valley of taqwa, which consists of obeying Allah’s orders and prohibitions, will cover a distance in that level only by mentioning the name “al-Quddus”. What matters is not to repeat the sounds of those names but to act in accordance with their meanings. What the name al-Quddus (the Pure One), which is the topic of this question, wants from us is to keep away from the impurities that occur due to disobeying Allah, to keep our material environment clean, to have a clean personality and to treat people honestly, displaying a clean, nice personality. 

When we do not keep our environment clean – even if we say al-Quddus a thousand times a day – we will not contribute to this cleaning materially; it is not religiously or logically appropriate to dirty our spiritual environment with sins and heedlessness actually and to think that we will get rid of those impurities by repeating the name al-Quddus a few times. 

- It is necessary to get a broom and clean the floor for material cleanliness; it is necessary to get the broom of repentance and asking for forgiveness first with our tongue and clean the impurities of our heart with it, to spread the spiritual carpet of taqwa, which is the reflection of the name al-Quddus, on the floor of the heart and to weave embroideries of belief and deeds on that carpet for spiritual cleanliness.

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