Does repeating the name Al-Quddus of Allah improve the relevant part of our brains?

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Does repeating the name Al-Quddus of Allah improve the relevant part of our brains?
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Doubtlessly, prayers, tasbihat, and frequently repeated al-Asma al-Husna will be rewarded. However, there must be some rules to get the outcomes that will be gained by them. A person who does not act in accordance with them cannot attain the outcome he wishes.

To mention Allah is an order of the Qur’an. This can be done with any names of Allah. It is true that people focus on reading certain names while while undergoing certain evolutions. For example, the dhikrs of the holy people seeking the love of Allah are mostly the name al-Wadud; and those who focus on contemplation usually utter the name al-Hakim. This is true, too.

However, it is not true to think that people who do not have anything to do with taqwa, which means being obedient to Allah’s orders and prohibitions, can make any improvement on that way by only reading the name  “al-Quddus”. The point is not to repeat the words of these names but to put the requirements of the meanings of these names  into practise. What the name al-Quddus wants from us is to display a good and pure personality like keeping away from the impurities originating from rebelling against Allah, keeping the environment clean, having a good personality and being honest to others.

When we do not keep our environment clean actually, we do not contribute to this cleaning even if we utter the name al-Quddus one thousand times a day verbally; likewise, it is not reasonable religiously and logically  to think that we can get rid of these impurities by uttering the name al-Quddus a few times after we pollute our spiritual environment with sins and heedlessness.

For physical cleaning, we must certainly clean the floor by using a broom; likewise, for spiritual cleaning, firstly we must clean the impurities of our hearts by using the broom of repentance and asking for forgiveness with our tongues; after that, we must spread the spiritual taqwa cloth, which is a reflection of the name al-Quddus on the floor our hearts and we must sit  on that cloth and  perform embroideries of belief and good deeds.

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