What are the Evidences of Existence of Allah? How can we prove the Existence of Allah?

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What are the Evidences of Existence of Allah? How can we prove the Existence of Allah?

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Proving the existence of something is lot easier than proving the non-existence of something. We can prove the existence of the apple species on earth by showing only one apple. However, someone who claims the non-existence of something can only prove it by looking everywhere on earth and in the universe. And this is almost impossible. So we can say, non-existence cannot be proved.

No one can claim that it is impossible to enter a palace, which has 999 open doors and 1 closed door. A denier constantly wants to show that one closed door. In fact, that door is closed for the spiritual world of that denier and people like him/her due to the veil drawn before their eyes. There is no closed door for the believer unless he/she closes his/her eyes. Besides, 999 doors are open for everyone; they are wide open.

Let us present that door and some evidences:

The Evidence of Possibility: Possibility means having equal chances of existence and non-existence. In daily conversations, we use the Word “possible” to mean that something might or might not happen. All of the created beings expresses this reality: My existence and non-existence were equal (before I was created). If I do exist, it is because of the One who preferred my existence to my non-existence. And that can be only Allah.

The Evidence of Huduth (Being Created Later): Huduth means being created later. The biggest evidence of Huduth is change. If there is change in a being, there must be an initial point of this motion. Before that initial point, that thing was not in the field of existence. Since that thing is incapable of existing in non-existence on its own, it means this existence took place by the creation of Allah. According to laws of thermodynamics, incidents like matter constantly drifting toward non-existence, the universe constantly getting larger, the sun rapidly moving toward elimination demonstrate that this realm of existence had a beginning.

Art: From an atom to a human, from a cell to galaxies, there is a stunning art that stands out in the whole universe. Every work in the universe has the below listed qualities.

- It has a great value of art.
- It is very precious.
- It is done easily in a short time.
- It is in great numbers.
- It is miscellaneous and has varieties.
- It is constant.

In fact, there should not be art and value in things that are done easily, in great numbers, in a short time and in mixed ways.   However, if the maker is Allah, things change and complete opposites can come together.

Impossibility of dawr (circle) and tasalsul (chain of events): The impossibility of dawr is explained through the following the example: You ask a man who claims that the chicken made the egg, “Who made the chicken?” He will give the answer Egg. According to this claim, if we remove the chicken, the maker of an egg will be another egg, which is impossible. Tasalsul (chain of events), on the other hand, is a method of proving the existence of Allah by tracing something back to its first point in the chain and asking who made the first being. That is to say, this fruit was made by that tree, that tree came from a prior fruit, and that originated from a prior tree Thereby, we reach the first tree or to the first fruit and ask, ‘Who created this?’

The method of the Quran is far different from dawr, and tasalsul. The answer to the questions “Who made the egg?” or “Who made the fruit?” is directly “Allah created.”

It is proved that the causes (chicken, tree) that have no share from science, will, compassion, and mercy, that do not know man and that are not aware of wisdom and art have no effect on the creation of the consequences. Thereby, the evidence of dawr or tasalsul is not needed.

The Evidence of Wisdom and Purpose: There is a proper purpose, aim and usefulness in every being; no purposelessness, meaninglessness or anything that can be considered as wasting is observed in anything. However, there is no consciousness and cognizance in the realm of matter, in the world of plants and animals or in objects and incidents to follow this chain of purposes. In that case, the only reasonable way is to attribute this conscious functioning wisdom and purposes in the universe to God.

The Evidence of Solidarity: This realm is full of solidarity from rain helping the earth, to the sun helping eyes and to the air helping to clean the blood. The parties that help one another do not know one another. Therefore, causes cannot be the maker of these incidents.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness and purity in the universe as an independent proof tells us about God who is also called as al-Quddus (The Holy, The One who is pure from any imperfection). The bacteria that clean the earth, bugs, ants, and so many raptors; wind, rain, snow, icebergs and fish in the oceans, atmosphere in the sky, black holes in space, oxygen that cleans blood in our bodies and spiritual breezes that save our spirits from distress inform us about the name al-Quddus and manifest the Holy Being behind that name.

Faces: No human face resemble exactly to any of the billions of people who lived before him/her. This rule is valid for the people to come after him/her.  It is a mighty announcement that introduces God Almighty, who definitely knows every being He created down to their smallest details and who has the power to shape them however He wishes to the deafest ears, to draw billions of pictures that are similar to one another in one aspect and different from one another in another aspect, and to distinguish them from billions of pictures that can be like them  and put things in order out of infinite possibilities.

The Evidence of Nature and Conscience: There are numerous evidences and signs of knowing Allah in the nature and inborn characteristics of man; some examples are as follows: Human nature and conscience know that every blessing it receives  requires gratitude. If he/she has met a prophet or found the way of guidance, he/she expresses gratitude to Allah. Otherwise, he/she worships wrong deities. This worshipping takes place by the urging of human conscience.

The feeling of appreciation also exists in the human nature. Shows, exhibitions take place because of that feeling. As a necessity of his creation, man watches the stars displayed in the sky, the flowers and trees appearing on the ground, the gazelles and lions in the forests, the fish in the oceans and appreciates the perfection of the divine arts demonstrated on them.

History: The history of religions witnesses that humanity has never had an age without a religion. They believed in a religion, no matter whether it is wrong or even ridiculous, in almost every age and followed a spiritual system. Allah placed this feeling of belief in human nature and he is held responsible to believe in Him (Allah).

The Quran: Every evidence that proves that the Quran is the word of Allah also proves the existence of Allah. There are hundreds of evidences that the Quran is the word of Allah. They are all available down to the smallest detail in the related Islamic sources. All of these evidences say, “Allah exists” with their tongues peculiar to them.

Prophets: Every evidence that proves the existence of prophets and especially of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is the master of the two realms should be added to the evidences that prove the existence of Allah. For, the purpose of the existence of prophets is to announce tawhid, that is, the oneness and existence of Allah). Then, every evidence that proves the prophethood of every prophet proves the existence of Allah at the same time. Every evidence expressing that a prophet is a true prophet declares that “Allah exists and is one” with the same strength or even more.

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