Al-Quddus (The Most Holy, The Most Pure, The All-Perfect)

Allah is Quddus. He is free and away from imperfection and deficiencies. He is free from weakness, poverty and all kinds of deficiencies. Another meaning of this name is the one that purifies His creatures of material and spiritual impurities.  

Yes, beauty comes from beauty and perfection comes from perfection; grant comes from generosity and wealth comes from richness.

With all of its beauties, this realm points to the beauty of Allah Almighty, with its perfection to His endless knowledge, with its invention and orderly movements to His matchless power, with its treasures to His endless wealth and with its grants to His unlimited generosity. That is, with its beauty and perfection, the universe is a mirror of His perfection and the name al-Quddus. 

Now, we will look at the meaning of “the one that purifies His creatures of material and spiritual impurities”, which is another manifestation of the name al-Quddus.

If you saw a street cleaned by a broom and if you did not see the hand sweeping it, would you believe if the whole world claimed that the broom swept the street on its own? Definitely not. You would laugh at this claim because

It is necessary to have life in order to sweep the street. A being that has no life cannot sweep it. However, the broom has no life.

The one that sweeps must have strength. However, the broom has no strength.

The one that sweeps must have will. He needs to prefer sweeping to not sweeping. However, the broom has no will.

Along with those attributes, the broom needs to know how to sweep.

It needs to have mercy; it needs to pity the inhabitants of that street.

It needs to have wisdom and understand what is useful. And it should have many other attributes.

However, the broom has none of those attributes. Therefore, even if we do not see the hand that holds the broom, we associate that wise activity with a doer that has those attributes. That we do not see the hand does not indicate its nonexistence. On the contrary, that wise activity indicates its existence.  

Since cleaning a small street cannot be attributed to a broom, how can cleaning the world, which is one of the streets of the universe, be attributed to causes, which are like the broom?

Yes, this universe and this world are large factories, guesthouses and inns that are filled and emptied every moment. However, those busy factories, inns, and guesthouses become very dirty with debris and refuse. A person cannot remain inside and will choke if they are not cleaned and maintained carefully. However, this universe’s factory and this world’s guesthouse are so immaculate, clean, and unpolluted that an unbeneficial particle and a coincidental piece of dirt cannot be found within them. If it is found, then, it gets cleaned quickly. It means, the caretaker of this factory takes care of it very well. This factory has such an owner who is able to clean this huge factory and palace as if he cleans and sweeps a tiny room.

If a person does not bathe for a month and does not clean and sweep his/her room for the same amount of time, then both the person and the room become very dirty and filthy. This shows that the purity and cleanliness in the castle of this universe result from a sapient and careful cleaning. If that constant cleaning and careful maintenance did not take place, then, within one year, the 100 thousand nations of every animal species would choke on the Earth, the debris of the stars in the sky would cause death and rocks the size of mountains would rain on our heads.

However, as we will see soon, this universe has been washed with the manifestation of Allah’s name, al-Quddus (the Pure One), and its cleanliness is a mirror of His name al-Quddus.

Behold the seas! Every day thousands of fish die yet you never see a corpse.

Behold the forests! Hundreds of thousands of animals live within them and every day thousands are born and thousands die yet there are no signs of filth.

And look at how creatures clean themselves. See a manifestation of the name al-Quddus. 

And now look at animals, which are the soldiers and officials of the name al-Quddus. Who taught them how to clean? Upon whose command do they act? 

Do we ever remembered Allah with His name al-Quddus when we see the earth washed by the rain drops sent down from clouds though our purpose and duty is to know Allah by His names and attributes? 

Rain is a manifestation of the name al-Quddus; similarly, wind is also a manifestation of the name al-Quddus. Thanks to them, the dirty smell in the air and the surface of the earth are cleaned.  

Eyelids are also a mirror of this name since they clean the eyes. We are always exposed to the manifestation of the name al-Quddus when we breathe in and out since breathing cleans our blood.

Look at the clean vegetables, fruits and flowers that are extracted from the dark soil and dry branches thanks to the manifestation of this name. Then glorify your Creator by saying O Quddus, O Quddus, O Quddus!

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