What is the Book of Qadar (destiny)?

Trees, stars, mountains, vineyards and human beings are all words of power. They were created in accordance with the program of the destiny. A beauty and order in a building emerges as a result of a plan drawn by the determination of an engineer. Let’s imagine that we programmed where when and how each brick would be used. The destiny of that building becomes determined by the drawing of such a plan. The building will be formed in accordance with that plan. This plan is called the Book of Qadar with the Quranic expression. The universe emerges as the building is constructed in accordance with that plan. When the building is constructed in the manifest world, the thing whose plan was drawn in the Book of Destiny becomes a reality.

Each one of us was in the Book of Destiny and in the knowledge of Allah before we were created. By being created we passed the stage of power. That is, we appeared in the manifest world. What is meant by the creation of things is going out of the stage of knowledge into the stage of power. 

A tiny sample of the book of destiny of each being is present in its seed, pip and cell. The plan of an apple tree, that is, everything including the form, structure, color and smell of its flowers are coded in the chromosomes of the cells. All of these plans and programs that determine the genetic structure are tiny samples of the book of qadar. The structure of each being is shaped by the elements that act in accordance with the qadar (destiny) program.

There is no use in talking to a person who does not accept the existence of the engineer about the plan of the building. It is unnecessary to talk about the plan and the program of the engineer with a person who ignores the engineer that draws the plan of the building. Similarly, it is nonsense for a person who does not believe in the existence of Allah to talk about the plan Allah determines or about destiny.

The fact that all of the organs of the human beings like the other beings were placed where necessary and with the optimum form and size show that they all take place with the determination of a plan and program. Each one of the characteristics of man is recorded in his cells with the spiritual pen of the destiny. Each moment, thousands of cells are exterminated and new cells are produced in his body. So, each moment, changes take place in man’s body; Allah applies the plan in the Book of Qadar with his power and shows it to us.

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