The Twenty-Sixth Word: The Treatise on Divine Determining (Qadar/Destiny)

The Twenty-Sixth Word


In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

And there is not a thing but its [sources and] treasures [inexhaustible] are with Us, but We only send down thereof in due and ascertainable measures.1* And of all things have We taken account in a Clear Book.2

[Divine Determining3and the power of choice4are two important matters. We shall attempt to disclose a few of their mysteries in four ‘Topics’.]


1. Qur’an, 15:21.
2. Qur’an, 36:12.
3. Divine Determining (Qadar) is also known as fate or destiny. [Tr.]
4. The power of choice or faculty of will (juz’i irada, juz’-i ikhtiyari), also known as free will. [Tr.]

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First Topic: Divine Determining, the power of choice (partial free will); the creation of good and evil; the responsibility of man.

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