Fourth Topic: It consists of ten unrelated matters, which form the answers to six questions.

Fourth Topic

[NOTE: The Ten Matters of this Fourth Topic are not connected with each other in the same way that the Four Topics of this Twenty-Sixth Letter are not connected. In which case, no connection should be sought. In whatever way it occurred to me, that was how it was written. It is part of a letter to an important student of mine, consisting of the answers to five or six of his questions.]

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First: It mentions the wisdom behind the phrase “eighteen thousand realms”.

Second Matter: Muhyiddin Arabi states the following in his letter to Fakhruddin Razi: “To know Allah is different to knowing that He exists.” What does it mean?

Third Matter: In what way is the verse, “We have honored the sons of Adam”(al-Isra: 70)  conformable with the verse, “He was indeed unjust and foolish”(al-Ahzab: 72)?

Fourth Matter: What is the wisdom behind the hadith: “Renew your belief by means of ‘La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah)’”? How is belief renewed?

Fifth Matter: Can a person who says “La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah)” but does not say “Muhammadun Rasulullah (Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah)” find salvation?

Sixth Matter: The explanation of “Dispute with Satan” in the First Topic.

Seventh Matter: It was written in order to eliminate the fears of those who stopped serving Islam temporarily due to various reasons and who received divine blows and in order to give them moral support.

Eighth Matter: Is the translation of the Quran and sentences of dhikr possible?

Ninth Matter: “Can there be a way of sainthood apart from Ahl as-Sunnah?”

Tenth Matter: A principle related to those who want to visit Badiuzzaman Said Nursi.

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