Twenty-eighth Letter: It consists of eight matters that contain different issues.

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First Matter which is the First Booklet: Facts about dream interpretations.
Second Matter which is the Second Booklet: It describes the following hadith: “Hz. Musa (Moses) struck Azrail (the angel of death) in the eye…”
Third Matter which is the Third Booklet: Risale-i Nur fulfils an important duty of guidance today.
Fourth Matter which is the Fourth Booklet: The answer to a trivial question to warn brothers.
Fifth Matter which is the Fifth Booklet: The booklet of Thanking.
Sixth Matter which is the Sixth Booklet: is about Wahhabis.
Seventh Matter which is the Seventh Booklet: It explains an important secret about Risale-i Nur students, the seven divine aids, in the following verse: “Say: ‘In the bounty of Allah. And in His Mercy,- in that let them rejoice’: that is better than the (wealth) they hoard.” (Yunus, 10:58.)
Answer to a Confidential Question. The answer to a question about the effectiveness of the Risale-i Nur.
Conclusion to the Seventh Matter: The elimination of doubts about the unknown signs that come in the form of divine help. 
Eighth Matter which is the Eighth Booklet: It consists of “Eight Points”, written as an answer to six questions.
First Point: It is related to unknown signs.
Second and Third Points were not included.
Fourth Point: It is related to the Day of Judgement and Gathering Place.
Fifth Point: To which religion did the forefathers of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) belong in the era of interregnum?
Sixth Point: Were there any prophets among the forefathers Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)?
Seventh Point: Which of the narrations about the belief of Hz. Muhammad’s (pbuh) parents and grandfather is the most authentic?
Eighth Point: Which is the most authentic word concerning the belief of his uncle, Abu Talib?

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