There are various evaluations about love of world. While some people do not think anything other than worldly delights, some people oppose to all kinds of worldly delights and say one must struggle only for the Hereafter.

Some people misevaluate the wise suggestions of religious scholars about leaving the love of creatures and turning to the Creator, and they choose to live in a hermitage, which is totally against Islams sociable essence.


In Risale-i Nur Collection it is stated that this world has got three faces. They are a mirror reflecting Allahs names, a field for the Hereafter and a playground for the people who follow their desires. A Muslim loves the first two faces of the world. S/he tries to evaluate those faces through worship and meditation. On the other hand, s/he benefits from the boons of this world and enjoys them in a lawful way. The dangerous kind of worldly love is forgetting the first two faces and merely wasting time with the third face.


The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) states People are asleep; when they die, they wake up and puts the heedlessness of those who play with the third face of the world into words quite well.


Our Lord informs us of the fact that this world is nothing but a play and amusement (al-Anam, 32). Only kids play such games and only debauched people are satisfied with amusement.


When a kid grows up and becomes an adult, he/she quits playing with his/her toy houses, which he/she built and impaired a lot of times, and seeks for an eternal home. And again when one grows, amusement is replaced by working and gaining knowledge in his/her life.


When this hadith and Bediuzzamans prayer show us the originals and sources of the boons, examples and shadows of which you have shown to us are juxtaposed, we can come up with this meaning: A person can eat and drink in his/her dream. Those foods satisfy him/her in dream. It is like a shadow fed on another shadow. However, when that person wakes up, he/she understands that he/she is hungry and starts to seek for his/her real food.


People who pass their time with worldly things and forget about real happiness are satisfied with shadows too. They will wake up when they die and perceive that the real satisfaction is only in Heaven. However, it will be too late for most people and they will have already missed the chance. 

The Messenger of Allah states swearing: I swear by Allah, this world is like dipping a finger into the sea when compared to the Hereafter. See what will he have? What will your finger take from sea?


Eternal happiness is a sea and boons of the world are just wetness on the finger Those who do not drown in this wetness and who do not get wet in this slight humidity find the sea. Those who are not deceived by finite things reach the infinity. 

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