Why has not Allah created His servants even and has created some of them blind and some of them lame?

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Why has not Allah created His servants even and has created some of them blind and some of them lame?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

1- Allah is the owner of the all properties. He administers His properties as He wishes. No one can interfere in Him and intervene in His creating. Allah (May His Glory be exalted) is the One who has created the atoms of your body and has organized all its systems and has endowed you a humane identity. You have not given anything to Allah who has bestowed those to you; so how can you put in a claim before Him?

If you had given something to Allah in return for the things given to you, maybe you would have had a right to claim as “Give me two eyes, not one eye; two hands, not one hand!” and to raise an objection as “Why have you given me one foot instead of two?” However, you have given nothing to Allah (May His Glory be exalted); therefore, –Allah forbid- you cannot claim that He is unjust. Injustice arises from a right that has not been paid. What rights do you have before Him that has not been paid and you have been wronged? 
Almighty Allah has brought you from nonexistence into existence and as a human… If you pay attention, you will see that there are so many creatures below you that you can notice and consider the excessive bounties you have been bestowed.    

2- Almighty Allah sometimes takes a person’s foot, but He bestows many things in the hereafter in return for it.
By taking his foot, He makes that person feel that he is an impotent creature and his weakness and needs are so much. If He directs his heart to Himself and develops that person’s feelings, He is considered to be giving many things by taking a little thing. Then, in fact, that is the expression of Allah’s blessings to him even though it does not apparently seem so; just like giving someone the Paradise by making him a martyr… A person dies for Islam during a war. In the Supreme Tribunal that will be settled in the resurrection and in the presence of Allah, he arises to a degree which the veracious ones and the martyrs envy. Other ones seeing him say, “We wish Allah would bestow us being martyrs in the battlefield.” Therefore, such a person would not have been losing many things even if he had been pulled into pieces. Definitely, the thing he achieved (in return for it) is greater than it. 

Although some people occasionally stray with a feeling of offense, vexation, pessimism and inferiority, for many persons those kinds of deficiencies have become a means of inclining to Allah more. Therefore, trying to spread the losses of some people regarding that issue like some harmful insects is not an appropriate behavior. The merits in that issue are provoking the desires pertaining to the hereafter in their spirits destined for the eternal life. It is appropriate for the aim and wisdom if it appears in a way that the disabled person turns to Allah and some others arise by taking lessons from it.

He has wisdoms in every act; Allah does not perform any unnecessary acts.” Ibrahim Hakkı

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