What is the wisdom behind Allah’s creating some people as disabled? How will be their condition in the hereafter?

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why was i born like this why didnt god make me 100% like all the others
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Sometimes, Allah cripples one of His slaves by taking his/her foot; In return for it, He rewards him/her in the hereafter. By taking his/her foot, He makes His slave to understand his/her weakness, disability and neediness. By disabling His slave, He turns His slave’s heart to Himself and allows the development of his/her feelings. Thus, by taking very few, He gives him/her many things. So even if not seemingly, but in reality, it is the expression of grace from Allah for His slave. Just like martyrizing His slave at first, and then giving him/her Paradise… A man is being martyrized in a war. By being martyrized, he gains an elevated position which is envied by siddiqs, salehs in the presence of Allah on the Day of Judgment. Other people who see them say: “Ah, if only Allah had granted us martyrdom on the ground of war”. Therefore, even if such a man is smashed into pieces, He is not considered having lost much.

Even if some people scarcely go astray with pessimist feelings of resentment, crestfallenness and inferiority complex, such disabilities induce numerous people to have a feeling of kindness about Allah. In this respect, it is not true to expose the losses of such people. What forms a basis about this subject is to evoke a desire for the hereafter in the souls of man.  

Wisdom is present in every work of Allah, He does not do anything meaningless.” Erzurumlu İ. Hakkı

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Do the disabled have any fault so they are created so?

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