What are the mustahab (recommended) acts of ghusl?

The most important mustahab of ghusl is to cover one’s private parts.

All of the prophets agree that modesty is the greatest virtue of man. A person who is modest does not let others look at his/her private parts. His/her good manners and modesty will prevent it. A companion, who serves a good examples to people said, “I will consent to falling down from the sky and breaking into pieces but I will definitely not consent to opening my private parts and showing them to others.”

Therefore, Muslims should always try to cover their private parts while making ghusl whether in a private place or in a public place.

However, in the private bathrooms in homes or in the private room of public baths, a person can leave the whole body open in order to shave the pubic hair and to clean his/her private parts for a short time. It is not objectionable since nobody can see him/her there. However, it should not be a habit and the private parts should be covered after the private parts are cleaned; one should not let his/her feeling of modesty be harmed. 

It is mustahab to perform a two-rak’ah prayer after ghusl just like wudu. Previous religious people never neglected this prayer. That prayer can be a supererogatory prayer to praise and thank Allah or a fard prayer that was missed.

Since all kinds of worshipping are done in order to gain the consent of Allah and to show our servitude and loyalty to Him in the best way, it is better to fulfill the sunnahs and mustahabs as much as possible just as we fulfill the fards.

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