How to make ghusl?

While making ghusl, the impurities on the front and back private parts are cleaned at first. Then, the mouth is rinsed with water three times; after that, water is sniffed into and blown out of the nose three times. After that, the whole body is washed and wet with the water poured onto the head, right shoulder and left shoulder. When there is no dry place left on the body, ghusl is fulfilled.  

The ghusl explained above is made when there is not enough time and place, by fulfilling the fards of ghusl only.

If there is enough time and place, ghusl is made as follows: To start ghusl with basmala and intention; to wash the hand and the private parts; to eliminate any impurity that may be on any part of the body; then to make wudu but to delay washing the feet to the end of the ghusl if the water accumulates under the feet; after wudu, to pour water onto the head three times, then onto the right shoulder three times and onto the left shoulder three times; to rub the body thoroughly each time; to wash each organ three times; not to waste water; to make ghusl by covering the private parts; not to speak while making ghusl; to get dressed immediately after making ghusl are among the main sunnahs and mustahabs of ghusl. The nice acts that are regarded as mustahab acts of wudu are valid for ghusl, too.

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