Is it Necessary to say Basmala and Make Niyyah before Making Ghusl?

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Is it necessary to make niyyah (intention) before making ghusl? Is ghusl not valid if a person does not say, "I intend to make ghusl"? According to the information I received from the people around me and some resources, it is enough to rinse the mouth and the nose three times and to wash the whole body for ghusl to be valid; they say it is not necessary to make niyyah and to say basmala. Is it true?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Niyyah and basmala are not necessary for ghusl. Ghusl is valid even if niyyah and basmala are not said.

Niyyah is one of the sunnahs of ghusl. Therefore, ghusl made without a niyyah is valid. When a person makes niyyah, he receives the reward of a sunnah. If he does not make niyyah, his ghusl does not become invalid.

It is possible to make ghusl in two ways depending on whether a person has ample time or not:

1. If there is a little water, if it is very cold and if there is not enough time, that is, when ghusl is made in a hurry, the private parts are cleaned first. After that, it is necessary to rinse the mouth and the nose three times, making sure that no dry part is left inside them. Then, water is poured down from the head, right shoulder and left shoulder to wash and wet the whole body. When there is no dry part left, ghusl is complete. This is how ghusl is made by fulfilling only the fards of ghusl when it is made in a hurry.

2. As for ghusl made when there is ample time and the place is suitable, after the private parts are washed, wudu is made. Then, water is poured down the head three times; after that, water is poured down from the right shoulder and left shoulder respectively three times. Each time the water is poured, all of the body is rubbed well in order to clean the material dirt along with the spiritual dirt. It is necessary to make sure that no dry part as small as a pinpoint is left on the body. Finally, the feet that step on the place where the water pours are washed.

What is fard for ghusl in both ways is not to leave any dry place in the mouth, in the nose and on the body. If it is fulfilled, ghusl becomes complete and the body is cleaned both spiritually and materially.

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