What are the sunnahs of ghusl?

Main sunnahs of ghusl are as follows:

1 – To start ghusl with basmala.

2 – To intend for ghusl by the heart and uttering the intention by the tongue.

* Intention is fard according to Malikis and Shafiis. According to Hanbalis, intention is a condition for validity of ghusl.

3 – To start ghusl by using a miswak, that is, by cleaning the teeth as in wudu.

4 – To utter basmala and the intention before starting ghusl.

5 – To wash the hands first and the private parts after that. If there is any sperm or similar impurity on the body or the private parts, to eliminate them at first. 

6 – To make wudu in accordance with its order and rules. If the used water accumulates under the feet, to delay washing the feet to the end of ghusl. 

7 – After making wudu, to pour water on the head three times; after that, to pour water on the right shoulder three times and then on the left shoulder three times. When the water is poured for the first time to rub that organ thoroughly.

* According to Imam Malik and Abu Yusuf, it is fard to rub the body while making ghusl.

If a person washes his mouth and nose and then jumps into a river, big pool or sea with all of his body, he is regarded to have made ghusl.

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