How to make wudu?

After mentioning the fards, sunnahs and adabs of wudu, now let us explain how to make wudu in compliance with its order and rules:

* After intending to make wudu, one utters audhu – basmala and washes his hands up to his wrists. If there is a ring on one of the fingers, it is moved so that water will penetrate under it.

* The right hand is filled with water and the mouth is rinsed out with this water. If the teeth have not been cleaned with siwak or brush, the teeth can be rubbed with the fingers while rinsing the mouth.

* Then, some water is put in the right hand and inhaled into the nose; then, the nose is blown with the left hand without disturbing the people around.

* The two hands are filled with water and the whole face is washed three times.

* The right arm and then the left arm are washed three times including the elbows.

* The hands are wetted and the head is wiped with the right palm.

* The ears and the neck are wiped with the wetness remaining in the hands or by wetting the hands again.

* First the right foot and then the left foot are washed including the heels three times. Water is poured between the fingers, too.

It is rewarding to say the wudu prayers while making wudu. and after wudu. 

• Wudu Prayers (Dua)

While starting to make wudu, first the intention and then audhu – basmala are uttered. Then, the following prayers are said while washing the organs:

Alhamdu lillahi’lladhi ja’ala’l-maa tahuran wa’l-Islama nuran.

Praise be to Allah, who made water a cleaning matter and made Islam a light.

* While rinsing out the mouth:

Allahumma ainni ala tilawati’l-Qur’an wa dhikrika wa shukrika wa husni ibadatik.

O Allah! Help me in reading the Quran, mentioning your name and thanking you, and beautifying my worshipping!.. 

* While inhaling water into the nose:

Allahumma arihni raihata’l-Jannati wa la turihni raihata’n-nar.

O Allah! Make me smell the scent of Paradise; do not make me smell the stink of Hellfire! 

* While washing the face:

Allahumma bayyid wajhi yawma tabyaddu wujuhun wa taswaddu wujuh.

O Allah! Make my face white on the day when faces will be white and black! 

* While washing the right arm:

Allahumma a’tini kitabi biyamini wa hasibni hisaban yasira.

O Allah! Give me my book in the right hand and make my accounting easy! 

* While washing the left arm:

Allahumma la tu’tini kitabi biyasari wa la min warai zahri.

O Allah! Do not give me my book in the left hand and from behind. 

* While wiping the head:

Allahumma azillani tahta zilli arshika yawma la zilla illa zillu arshik.

O Allah! Shade me under your arsh (throne) on the day when there is no shade except the shade of your arsh. 

* While wiping the ears:

Allahumma’j’alni mina’lladhina yastamiuna’l-qawla fayattabiuna ahsanah.

O Allah! Make me one of those who listen to the word and act in accordance with it in the best way.

* While wiping the neck:

Allahumma a’tiq raqabati mina’n-nar.

O Allah! Free my neck from Hellfire! 

* While washing the feet:

Allahumma thabbit qadamayya ala’s-sirati yawma tazillu fihi’l-aqdam

O Allah! Establish our feet firmly on the Sirat Bridge on the day when feet will shake!..

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