Some issues related to the states that necessitate ghusl

* Ghusl is necessary for the ejaculation when sperm comes out suddenly and with lust. The sperm that leaves its place with lust but comes out after lust has soothed necessitates ghusl according to Imam Azam and Imam Muhammad but it does not necessitate ghusl according to Abu Yusuf.  

* For ghusl, full intercourse is not necessary; if the tip of the penis enters the vagina, ghusl becomes obligatory no matter if sperm comes out or not.

* To put the finger into the front or back private part does not necessitate ghusl.

* If sperm comes out when a person holds someone, pats or looks at her, ghusl becomes necessary. It is valid both for man and woman.

* If a person who wakes up sees wetness on the sheet, his underwear or his thighs has to make ghusl if he remembers ejaculating in dream. If he does not remember ejaculating, he does not have to make ghusl according to Abu Yusuf because that wetness can be madi. Besides, even if it is sperm, it is not known whether it has come out with lust or not. Imam Azam and Imam Muhammad do not think that ghusl is necessary if it is known for sure that the wetness is madi. However, if one hesitates whether it is sperm or madi or if it is more likely that it is sperm, then, they say, ghusl is necessary in case it is sperm as a guarantee.

(Sperm: mani: the prostate fluid that contains sperm... Madi: the prostate secretion that comes out without lust)

* If a person has a wet dream but if sperm has not come out, he does not have to make ghusl.

* If the sperm of the husband of a woman comes out of her after she makes ghusl, she does not have to make ghusl again.

* If sperm comes out without lust due to reasons like being beaten or lifting heavy things, ghusl is not necessary. However, Imam Shafii holds the view that ghusl is necessary.

* If a non-Muslim becomes a Muslim when he/she is junub or in the period of menstruation or puerperium, it is necessary for him/her to make ghusl. However, when he/she becomes a Muslim when he/she is not in one of those states, it becomes mandub (recommended) not fard for him/her to make ghusl. 

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