Is it necessary for a person who has committed fornication to tell his/her spouse about it?

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Does a person who is not a virgin have to tell his/her spouse about it? That is, if a man is not a virgin, does he have to tell his wife about it? They say it is haram if he does not tell her about it; is it true?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

A person who has committed fornication does not have to tell his/her spouse about it. He/she should not tell her/him about it since it will cause mischief.  His/her spouse will not be haram for him/her.

It is a sin for a person to share his/her sin with someone else – even if that person is his/her spouse. It is contrary to Allah’s wisdom and wish of secrecy to share a sin that He has allowed and wanted to remain a secret with someone else.

Besides, to share a sin like fornication with one’s spouse will cause her/him to live in discontent throughout his/her life. It will be a sin for a second time to share a sin with someone else – especially with one’s spouse in any case. 

It is necessary to repent and ask Allah for forgiveness for a sin that is between Allah and a slave so that one will be happy in both the world and the hereafter.

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