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I got engaged 6 months ago. Before engagement we both families did istikhara and every thing was fine, but now i found out that my fiance had many affairs in past like talking to different guys over the phone sharing pictures and chatting on net, she even lie to me sometimes. Am now thinking of breaking this engagement and in this regard would like to have a guidance from Islam. I have never been in any affair in my life that´s why when i think about my fiance past it hurts me a lot.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

If you think that you won’t be able to get on well then it is not religiously sin to break the engagement. Besides engagement is a period of knowing each other. It is natural if you don’t find him/her appropriate for you as a spouse.

Your fiancé/fiancée may have wrong deeds in the past. If s/he fells regret for them and not doing any of them at the moment then we think that it is better not to examine him/her thoroughly. Because anybody can make mistakes. What is important is that his/her refusal to do them again and his/her decision to be a faithful person. We advice you not to judge him/her with the past.

But the decision is yours. If you think that his/her past will make you unhappy then it is better to separate from him/her before getting marry.

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