Learning of which sciences gain us the reward (thawab) of worshipping?

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Learning of which sciences gain us the reward (thawab) of worshipping?
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The glory of science increases or decreases correspondingly depending on its duty of representing Almighty Allah (SWT). It is obvious that there is a superiority of sciences that directly teach Allah’s knowledge, contentment, orders and prohibitions such as tafsir, hadith and fiqh.  

However, sciences that lead man to Allah such as physics, chemistry and astronomy are full of materials that increase the admiration, love and respect towards Him. Because of this, any scholar, no matter what branch of science he is engaged with, is included in this good news if he uses his knowledge in an area that Allah is pleased with,.

This glorious hadith is one of the prophetic news that signifies the value of science and scholars.

In this hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) compares the level of scholarship with the level of martyrdom, which is an extremely highly spiritual level, and explains the superiority of a scholar.

We understand from the verses and hadiths that martyrdom is at the top of the levels which are enviable. A martyr is a person who sacrifices himself/herself in the way of Allah (SWT) and his/her Creator rewards him/her with an eternal life and Paradise. As for a scholar, that person has also taught the rights of Almighty Allah (SWT) to His slaves, informed them the right way and enlightened people on the way of eternal happiness.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used a figurative expression to compare the blood of martyrdom with the ink of a scholar in the hereafter, informing us about the unearthly superiority of science and scholar in an unforgettable way.

When science is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the sciences about Allah and basics of Belief. That is why, Imam Azam called his book, in which he explains the basics of belief, “the Great Fiqh” (Fiqh al-Akbar).

A Muslim’s works which are performed with a good intention are considered a kind of worshipping. The yeast turns the milk into yoghurt when mixed; similarly, a person can turn his/her work and deeds into worshipping by adding the yeast of belief and worshipping to his/her work. Therefore, all works that have been performed with good intentions, belief and prayers can be considered as worshipping.

The saying, “Every seed is a tree” is true. However, although every seed has the programme of a tree, it does not become a tree if it is not sown according to its rules. Similarly, every science has a mystery that leads man to Allah (SWT) and causes his/her sins to be wiped away. However, some conditions are necessary for a mystery, which is just like a seed, to be revealed. People who fulfill the conditions such as belief, worshipping, good intention and avoiding harams will let their seeds be grown just like trees.

The thing that makes a chandelier valuable is its electricity. A chandelier which is made of gold but has no electricity cannot save you from darkness. Likewise, our works and services are like chandeliers. What illuminates and gives light to it is our belief, intentions and worshipping .

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