Does fate oppress?

Oppression is the violation of a right. Man has no right in Allah (SWT). Whatever He (SWT) gives is out of His bestowal.

What we need to do is not to attempt at rebellion by thinking of the bounties that have not been given to us, but thanking by recalling those given. Flaws are for mans trial. If we liken the world to an examination hall, the situations that we dislike are the questions in the exam in order to see if man will rebel or return it with gratitude to the bounties, which are given, and if he is patient when he is deprived of.

Let us think of a well-off merchant. He wants to do goodness to two poor people out of his sheer mercy. He gives them a shirt and trousers but he gives one of them an additional jacket and a coat. Can the man who just receives a shirt and trousers say, I have been wronged by the merchant? He gave more to the other man?

We human beings resemble these two poor people. Allah (SWT) gives bounties from His inexhaustible treasure out of His endless mercy. It is Him Who creates our mind, imagination, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the meal that we eat and so on so forth. We have not gained and deserved them by working. He has bestowed upon us out of His favor.

The world only consists of a transient test. If servants, like the first man who has been given little, claim that they have been wronged, they act improperly, and receive punishment. Their duty is to thank for what has been given.

Allah (SWT) is just in His all actions, He never does anything wrong. We need to take this point of view for calamities. Either calamities are the results of our mistakes or the questions asked us in the exam. If we answer this question with patience, we shall have our grade raised.

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