How can we understand whether Allah loves us? Do the troubles that we have show that Allah does not like us?

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How can we understand whether Allah loves us? Do the troubles that we have show that Allah does not like us?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The fact that Allah (SWT) loves us is a proved event. In fact, the purpose of our coming to this world is to prove whether we love Allah or not. Does Allah not prove that He loves us by taking us from the darkness of nonexistence to the brightest hills of the world of existence and making us Muslims and showing the manifestations of His names to us among seven billion people?

Let us think, why should we tell our characteristics and the things we love and we do not love to a person whom we do not love? We even do not speak with that person, do we?

If Allah does not love and rely upon us, why does he give us hundred of organs that He does not give to His various creatures? And above all why does He put the luxurious jewelries, like the ability of reasoning, soul and heart on our body, whose value equal to the weight of the universe? Is the criterion of the love of someone for us not directly proportionate to the value of a gift given to us?

We have been put into the test of loving and obeying Allah (SWT) in return for taking these bounties beforehand. After all we will believe that Allah is worthy of love. This is something that interests us.

The fact that some of the things come to us behind a veil is because of the fact that we are in a test. It might please us to receive an apple from Allah (SWT) Himself. It may cause us to feel to be loved more. However, Is His giving an apple from a tree different from this? Yet, His decision of making the tree incompetent is a proof of this.

Then, we are facing a kind of problem which is called imperception. I understand you well. when it is not read well, it is something that is too difficult to cope with. However, there may be a kind of misevaluation in our minds. We believe that we got lost in the shuffle. As if there is nothing special for us… Besides, we see the degree of love of any other one for us as in direct proportion to His/her special gifts for us. however, be sure that your surroundings are full of special gifts for you.

For example, the fact that you are alive. Do you think that this is some kind of fabrication? Speak with a biologist immediately. Or with a physician or a doctor or books… “Yet, all the sciences you study continuously would prove this with its own particular tongue…

For example; Do you know that the life story which is necessary for asking this question started fourteen billion light years ago?

Do you know the relation between your life and the moment when the universe started to be created with that terrific explosion from a heat of 1045 centigrade degrees by expanding and decreasing to a temperature of -233 degrees until five billion years ago? The world of physics declares that the first and the most important condition of the creation of a planet such as the world is to retain all space in that temperature. That is to say, in order for you to ask this question, the space has to reach that temperature.

The creation of the world is just for us. Because, according to biologists’, continuing our lives in this world as human beings is a possibility of one in two-hundred and fifty billions…

Let us take it for granted that we were born…The possibility of having a mind and again being a Muslim overstrains our thinking capabilities. And a probability which the numbers become inadequate to calculate the continuation of this world life and the universe’s working without a pause, is always in front of our eyes. And the reflection of the sun light on the pupil of our eyes… In order to understand that this is special for us, look at the blind, and paralyzed people and those who cannot wake up in the morning and that die without seeing the sun that day. Be sure that this is special for you…

If your problem is this thought; “I do not want to see something that was given to me at the hand of others”…

I only say, Be Just… What is the fault of creatures? What happens if they benefit from these bounties?

Apart from these, there are favors only for you. Your fingerprint, blood type, voice, the pupil of your eye and before anything else, your fate, which is only peculiar to you…

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It is said that troubles are the reflections of the punishment of God. Is this the case for all the troubles?

Now that Allah Almighty has created this universe to make Himself known, so if there were not any kind of diseases and calamities in this worldly life, wouldn’t our knowing Him come true all the same? Then what is the wisdom of such an ordaining?

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