Do honeybees have thermometers?

The temperature of a honeycomb has to be 35 degrees Celsius for the infant honeybees to be born.

If the temperature dropped to 30 degrees Celsius, all baby honeybees would die.

Or if it rose to 40 degrees, this time disabilities or death would occur.

Yes, the temperature of a honeycomb must be exactly 35 degrees Celsius.

Well then, does the temperature not drop or rise? Of course, it drops and rises. However, the honeybees have found a solution to it, too. When the temperature drops to 30 degrees, the bees mount on top of the honeycomb and try to raise the temperature to 35 degrees by shivering. They fulfill the role of a heater so to speak. If the temperature rises to 40 degrees, they will flap their wings to cool the comb as if they are fulfilling the role of a fan.

If it is not accepted that this wise activity takes place as a result of Allah's inspiration,

It can be no one but Allah who educates the bee perfectly and teaches it its duty.

1. How do the bees know that the temperature of the honeycomb has to be 35 degrees?

2. Let us suppose that they do know. Then from where did they learn this technique of heating the comb?

3. Who taught them to flap their wings when the temperature of the honeycomb rises to cool it?

4. First of all, do the bees have thermometers to know the temperature? How do they measure the temperature of the comb?

5. Why is it so important for them that the infant bees live? Why do they not enjoy the remainder of their one or two week lives instead of preoccupying themselves with saving the babies?

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