The Heat Balance of the World

While heat reaches up to 15 million degrees C in the stars like the sun, it goes down to an incredible level, -270°C, in the dark sea of space. The width of the band in which living beings can live in this extraordinary difference is only one in125 thousand. The average heat of the world is in this width.

If the world could not keep its current heat and left the band of heat it is in, life in the world would end. If the world was as close to the sun as Venus or as far away from the sun as Jupiter, there would be no life on earth. If the rate of heat coming from the sun decreased 10%, the earth would be covered by a thick layer of snow and ice; if it increased a bit, the world would be scorched. Even a small amount of change took place in these values, life in this world would be eliminated. 

Is this distance between the world and the sun based on coincidence?

Is it the result of random coincidence that the world has the optimum temperature among millions of possibilities? Yes, this balance, which is visible in everything and exists in everything from the distance between the world and the sun to the temperature in which living beings can live and which is very delicate, can be explained only by Allah, who has endless power, knowledge, will and mercy, by nothing else.

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