The Library in the Cell

There are billions of DNA molecules in one cell. The colors of eyes, fingerprints, a person’s voice, hair structure, and all data have been encoded in these DNA molecules.

Each of these DNA molecules that are found in one cell resembles a giant encyclopedia containing 46 volumes, all of which contain 20,000 pages, and does actually contain this much knowledge. A person has approximately 60 trillion cells.

If it is considered that the world’s greatest encyclopedia, the Britannica, contains 40,000 pages, the enormity of knowledge that a single DNA molecule carries will be better understood.

The knowledge that is 25 times greater than the knowledge of the world’s biggest encyclopedia has been placed into a cell’s DNA molecules that can only be seen after being magnified hundreds of times under a microscope.

Is it possible that such a brilliant work could have been an act of coincidence?

If the entire world were to gather to try and convince us that the Encyclopedia Britannica came into existence through coincidence, would we believe them? They would never be able to convince us!

Then how can we believe that DNA, which is hundreds of times more sophisticated than the aforementioned encyclopedia, has come into existence through causes or by chance?

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