How does DNA show that its master is pre-eternal and post-eternal?

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 4.2.5-DNA shows that its master is pre-eternal and post-eternal

Words will not suffice to explain DNA and RNA molecules. As it is known, DNA is the molecule that carries genetic information in living beings. In other words, they are the molecules in which the plans and programs of living beings are kept and used when necessary. This is called genetic information. The system in which genetic information is kept in all living beings is similar.1

Figure 7. Schematic appearance of DNA molecule.

      This shows that the creator of all of them is the same. DNA exists in all living beings: in plants, flies, donkeys, etc. Since none of these creatures, even man, who is the most intelligent and conscious among them, cannot make the DNA, and has not been able to understand it fully so far, and since DNA cannot create itself, the one that creates DNA can be only Allah, who has infinite knowledge and power. DNA is not something that is made of steel. On the contrary, it is an extremely simple molecule. Although it is so simple, the genetic information it carries remains unchanged for centuries and is passed on from generation to generation. This fact also clearly shows that the creator of the DNA must be pre-eternal and post-eternal.

            As it is known, man has been able to discover to a great extent the genetic code that the DNA keeps by working for many years. Even the leaders of the two great countries of the world, the USA and the UK, proudly announced this achievement to the world. What did they announce? It was the understanding of the genetic code in DNA. In the meantime, those who discovered DNA (not those who made it) were awarded the Nobel Prize. In other words, no one has ever thought of making a new DNA molecule and putting as much genetic information as possible in it. Since man has never thought of making a DNA molecule though today’s technology is so advanced, the being that makes DNA can only be the Lord of the pre-eternal and post-eternal realms, Almighty God, who has infinite knowledge.

            Nowadays, people are trying to model DNA for computers because a spoonful DNA molecule can store the knowledge that hundreds of advanced computers can.

            In conclusion,

            1. All living beings are made of different arrangements of the same atoms.

            2. The molecules in the cells work continuously without having a break and making a mistake so that living beings will continue living.

            3. The molecular phenomena in humans, animals, and plants in the universe are generally the same.

            4. Since there is almost an infinite number of cells in the living beings in the universe, and the chemical events in all these cells are done perfectly by the molecules, only a being with infinite knowledge, strength, power and wisdom can do them; and that being is Allah, who is the Lord of the realms.

1.Stryer L, Biochemistry, Third edition, W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, 1988, S. 150

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