What does the molecular perfection in living beings show?

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            4.2.3-What will molecules win if those who understand what molecules do win Nobel Prize?

We can also explain the molecular perfection in living beings as follows: Many scientists have managed to understand what molecules do in cells after years of working as a team. They deserve the NOBEL prize due to understanding it.

Now, let us think:Since scientists win a Nobel prize due to understanding what these simple molecules do after working for years, either these molecules have some knowledge, strength and power that are far more advanced than those scientists have or there is a being with infinite strength and power that makes them do it. Is the second alternative not much more reasonable and logical?

            It is not possible to do all of them even with today’s technology. People who are experts in this science know this very well. Besides, the same work continues in harmony and unity without interruption for years in a multicellular organism, for example in the trillions of cells of a human being.

            So, how do the molecules in a cell achieve maximum efficiency, maximum energy and 100% efficiency? Who did they learn it from? Since molecules are lifeless, mindless and unconscious, how do they achieve such advanced scientific success? Accordingly, how is it possible to not know and see the real owner of strength, power, knowledge and life behind this magnificent system?

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