What does ‘Every living being is programmed to die’ mean?

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9.2.3-Every living being is programmed to die

It is seen even with a superficial look that every living being is programmed to die. Although the life spans of living beings are different, no living being can escape aging and death. Every living being that has life will definitely die one day. Although innumerable living beings lived in the world, none of them remained outside the reality of death; they lived as long as the supreme Creator predestined and they died after that. Every living being has a predestined life span; species also have life spans predestined for them. For example, individuals of some species live only a few days while individuals of some species can live a few years or a few hundred years. Man is not out of the scope of this reality either. Despite the dizzying speed of progress in science and technology, human death has not been prevented even though it has been delayed a bit.

In the face of these facts, man had already known and believed that living beings were programmed to die. However, it was understood with scientific methods that living beings and cells were programmed to die after the 1970s. In 2002, the Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists working on the issue of “programmed cell death and genetic regulation of organ development” due to the importance of the issue in medicine and biology.1

1.Coşkun G. andÖzgür H., Arşiv 2011, 20, 145-158.

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