Al-Muhaymin (The Protector, The Bestower of Security)

Allah is Muhaymin. This name has 2 meanings regarding Allah:

1st meaning: Allah is the one that keeps and guards. A person who takes care of something is called the keeper and guard of that thing; that is, Muhaymin. A person who guards something is called a guard or guardian.

2nd meaning: Allah always watches His creatures and sees what they do.

Now, let us try to understand the two different meanings of this name:

1- Allah is the one that keeps and guards.

According the research of cytologists, it has been determined that the DNAs in a single cell of man have as much information as to fill 1 million pages.

We can understand the size of the information included in a DNA when we consider that ANA Britannica, the biggest encyclopedia of the world, has 40.000 pages.

25 times more information than that of the biggest encyclopedia of the world has been placed in the DNAs in a cell, which can be seen under microscope only after it is magnified hundreds of times. Is possible for such extraordinary work to take place by chance?

If the whole world came together, could they convince us that ANA Britannica emerged by chance? Definitely not. Then, how is it possible to claim that the encyclopedia of DNA, which is hundreds of times better than this giant encyclopedia, emerged by chance?

With the information kept and maintained in it, every DNA cell introduces us Allah with His name Muhaymin. With the manifestation of this name, Allah keeps the deeds of people in their memories, Books of Deeds and the Preserved Tablet.  

Again with the manifestation of this name, Allah keeps the programs of flowers and plants in their nuclei and seeds. He gives them back in the next spring. 

He keeps and maintains the life programs of animals in their eggs and sperms.

The name Muhaymin becomes manifest by maintaining the programs and deeds of living beings; it also becomes manifest by saving His creatures from dangers and protecting them. Let us see the manifestation of the name Muhaymin in the mirror of man:  

To preserve the brain, the most important organ of man, in the skull, which is very hard and sound.

To protect the eye with eyelids and eyebrows.

To guard the tongue, which is the organ of speech and taste, in the mouth.

To protect our body from external factors with the skin, which is placed on us like a garment.

To preserve our inner organs in the rib cage.

To preserve the sustenance that is necessary to survive in the form of adipose tissue in our body and to protect us from starving to death.

They are all the manifestations of this name. In addition, the feeling of fear, which makes us avoid possible dangers, is also a manifestation of the name Muhaymin. If this name were not manifest in us, we would touch electric wires, speed on the roads while driving or jump before a train moving very fast.

All of the material and spiritual organs placed in our body for the continuation and maintenance of our life are a manifestation of Allah’s name al-Muhaymin. If man, who was sent to this world to know Allah, makes use of these organs but does not know Allah, who has given him these organs, with His name Muhaymin, he will have opposed to the purpose of his creation.

2- Allah always watches His creatures and sees what they do

The other meaning of the name Muhaymin: Allah sees and watches everything. It is impossible for the things that are uncovered not to see the sun; similarly, it is impossible for the things to be concealed from Allah. For, everything is under His observation. If this lifeless sun, weak man, those beings like unconscious x rays that have light can see things and penetrate into them though they were created, Allah will definitely see everything.

“And He is with you wheresoever ye may be. And Allah sees well all that ye do” (al-Hadid:4)

“Seest thou not that Allah doth know (all) that is in the heavens and on earth? There is not a secret consultation between three, but He makes the fourth among― them nor between five but he is the sixth nor between fewer nor more, but He is with them, wheresoever they be.” (al-Mujadila: 7)

Since Allah, who is the owner of this universe, states that He is Muhaymin in His book, and since He sees and watches over everything, He definitely sees us and our deeds.

How can man, who is disturbed when somebody else finds out about his bad deeds, commit sins in the presence of Allah, who sees everything, and disobey Him?

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