Which name of Allah became manifest in which prophet?

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Which name of Allah became manifest in which prophet?
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As far as we can see, there is no information like that in verses of the Quran and hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh). The person who tries to give detailed information regarding the issue is the famous scholar Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi.

Here are some examples:

All names of Allah became manifest in Hz. Adam. (Fusus/Part 1)

The name as-Subbuh / Subhan became manifest in Hz. Nuh. (Fusus/ Part 3)

The name al-Muhaymin became manifest in Hz. Ibrahim. (Fusus/Part 5)

The name an-Nur became manifest in Hz. Yusuf. (Fusus/ Part 9)

The name al-Ali became manifest in Hz. Musa. (Fusus/Part 25)

The names al-Qadir and al-Khabir became manifest in Hz. Isa (Jesus). (Fusus, /Part 15l)

The name "Allah", which includes all names and attributes, became manifest in Hz. Muhammad (pbuh); the wisdom of the name al-Fard especially became manifest in him (Fusus/Part 27)

We should also state that all of Allah’s names are manifest in all prophets. However, the manifestations of some names can exist in the life of some people. If an evaluation is to be made accordingly, various lists can be made.

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