Reading Text: The order in the Universe cannot take place on its own

“When you think profoundly you will see that sciences will force you to believe in the existence of Allah.” Lord Calvin (Physicist)

“When you think profoundly you will see that sciences will force you to believe in the existence of Allah.” Lord Calvin (Physicist)

Sciences originated from the study of the order in the universe. If the laws in the nature changed depending on coincidence, if the rising and setting of the sun and the moon did not have a regular order, the scientific studies about them would be unhealthy fruitless works and it would be impossible to talk about sciences related to them. Then, the harmony in the universe will force us to think how that unchangeable order came into existence.

The order cannot be the result of coincidences because coincidences are blind and they cannot proceed in the direction of the mind. A world depending on coincidences will lead to disorder willy-nilly. Then, how does that order come into existence?

Although coincidences produce disorder, order can only be possible through the existence of an Arranger. The Arranger of the universe must be a Being with absolute power that dominates everything from atoms to stars, from the cell to the man. That being, who has a definite will, endless knowledge and everlasting power, can establish and maintain the order in the universe. Otherwise, with the intervention of the slightest coincidence in the universe, the order in the universe will be overturned.

When we have a look at some astonishing truths, we can understand what great effects the smallest changes in the order and unerring system of the world will bring about.

1 – The oven called the sun, which is 1.400.000 times bigger than the world and whose average temperature in the outer part is 6.000 degrees C, is at the optimum distance so that the creatures in the world can benefit from it perfectly. That temperature has been going on for millions of years. If the temperature of the world increased or decreased 50 degrees, all plants and people would be destroyed by burning or freezing. The ideal temperature of the world depends on many other conditions. For instance, the world goes round the sun at a speed of 30 km. If that speed were 10 or 70 km/sec, our distance or nearness to the sun would become a barrier for our lives. (The gravitational force between the sun and the world is balanced by the centrifugal force that the world has due to its speed. A change in the speed of the world would cause an increase or decrease in the centrifugal force, and the distance between the sun and the world would need to be changed in order to balance it.)

2 – The seas and rivers go out and flow due to the gravity of the world and the moon between which there is a distance of 380.000 km. France, Canada and other countries benefit from that incidence, which is called tide or ebb and flow, and produce millions of kwh energy. If that balance of tide between the world and the moon changed, that is the distance changed, the world would be flooded and life on the earth would disappear.

3 – Our world is surrounded with a triple protection system against the rays coming from the sun and other stars and hundreds of meteorites that fall on us every hour. If that system did not exist, the cosmic rays coming from the space and the meteorites would end the life on the earth. The triple system is as follows:

a – A magnetic protective field with a radius of 100.000 km.

b – The ozone layer, which is located like a layer of network in the form of a triangular prism over the atmosphere. In that layer, the harmful rays for the living beings are absorbed and the rest is let go down.

c – Thick atmosphere layer.

Those truths seen through the window opened in the science of astronomy take us to the greatest truth and show that the universe is the work of an absolute preference, definite will and endless power. (Zafer Magazine)

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