I cannot perform my prayers and I am not as peaceful as I used to be. What should I do?

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I cannot perform my prayers and I am not as peaceful as I used to be. What should I do?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The most important reason of uneasiness, depression and stress is explained to us with the following beautiful expression: “if something is not employed in its ‘ma wudia lah’, it becomes subject to lethargy and does not show any activeness.” (Sünuhat)

Ma wudia lah” means the reason of something’s creation. The reason of eye’s creation is seeing. If you used it to check tastes of things, you would harm it and become sick.

People who use their all senses and feelings within the permitted limits and on the straight way lead a kind of heavenly life on earth too.

The souls of people, who prepare themselves for the endless bliss of the eternal life and consider this worldly life a play and entertainment as they drew lessons from the Quran, are firm and safe against all kinds of troubles. If they are supposed to play the role of a poor person on the stage of the world, they do their best. They can writhe very well when they are sick. They shed tears in tragedy. However, since they do not forget that they are in a play, both their sadness and happiness are quite limited, as much as the play requires.

Attention of those who consider the world a play and an entertainment is towards the afterlife. Their efforts are for that place. Both punishment and happiness in that place are endless… One who is aware of it and says “We are His slaves, our life, death, body, soul, position, place, and in short our everything are for deserving His content” does not drown in the worldly life’s temporary hardships.

He knows that he is limited, like everything of his is and he does not take on limitless sorrows; he does not make them his burden. He entrusts his friends to Allah, who is the owner of endless mercy and kindness, and he submits his enemies again to the Owner of Infinite Just.

He regards both his soul and body as things entrusted to him; he neither oppresses them nor lets them be oppressed by others. Yet, he takes refuge in his Lord in situations which exceed his power and capability so that he can pass the test easily. Eventually, he becomes peaceful by consenting to His decision. Instead of fearing world, people in world and troubles of this world, he fears the Creator of them and seeks refuge in him. “Whoever fears Allah becomes freed from gloomy and troublesome fearing of others.” The Words

Just like all goodness, the peace of heart is also in His power. If we believe in it absolutely, we will be freed from knocking at others’ doors and find all goodness at our Lord’s door of mercy.

And a Quranic prescription by the Scholar Badiuzzaman:

“The Qur’an also says to the believer, “Since you have only partial and restricted choice, hand over your affairs to your Owner’s universal will. Since your power is slight, rely on that of the Possessor of Absolute Power. Since your life is brief, think of eternal life. Do not fret! There is an unending life. If your mind is dull, let the sun of the Qur’an shine on you. Look with the light of belief, and instead of the fire-fly of your own mind, each verse of the Qur’an will illumine you like a star. Since you have innumerable hopes and pains, know that infinite reward and limitless mercy await you. Since you have innumerable desires and aims, do not think of them and become disturbed. This world cannot contain them; the proper place for them is another realm, and the one who will grant them is one other than yourself.” (The Words)

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