Can someone who seeks the reality remain indifferent to the truths that prophets declared?

Human beings are limited to the five senses in terms of perceiving the objects. They are in need of all-surrounding knowledge about metaphysical matters, which are out of their sphere of perception. The possessor of knowledge is Allah (SWT). Through the prophets, Allah (SWT) has informed us with number of truths that we do not know and would not be able to know. One of the most important reasons that deceive man is not to knock at the door of prophethood by relying on his own thoughts and abilities in the matter of understanding the divine truths. The all-surrounding infinite truths such as how to have faith in Allah (SWT), why He has created this universe, for what purposes He has sent man to this world, what sort of duties He has given to man, cannot be comprehended with a limited mind.

These can only be known with the light of revelation (divine inspiration). Allah has sent prophets and divine books in order to inform about these truths. Allah the Almighty, Who, with the law of gravity, gathers the planets under the command of the sun, electrons under the command of a nucleus, bees under the command of a head, ants under the command of a commander, also called for man to gather around the prophets so that their hearts, spirits, and conscience would be disciplined by means of prophets and they would reach the perfection that they are expected.

The mind, which is inadequate and limited, cannot be a sufficient and perfect guide for man who is a candidate for a sublime life and in love with the endless bliss. Man can make use of it to a certain point. His discovering the truth and his reaching worldly and eternal bliss are possible only by being faithful to the prophets.

Those luminous persons became the perfect mirrors to the names and attributes of Allah (SWT). They loved Allah (SWT) properly and had their communities love Him too. Sensing the concealed meanings that the universe has implied, they announced them to their communities. They gave convincing answers to the questions Who are you, Where are you coming from, Where are you going to? which have been the greatest problems of mankind since they were created.

Yes, Allah (SWT) created the prophets as having the utmost sublimity; He himself disciplined their feelings and abilities in the best fashion, and sent them to this world as pathfinders and instructors.

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