“Can Islam, which came 1400 years ago, answer the questions of our age and meet its needs?

The purpose of the Qur’an in the Risale-i Nur Collection is discussed in two grounds:

To teach the truth of the Sphere of Dominicality and the manners of the Sphere of servitude (worship). When we say the Sphere of Dominicality, we mean the person, attributes, actions, and names of Allah (SWT). The Qur’an has introduced Allah (SWT) to human beings in this way and protected them from every kind of superstition (false beliefs). When it comes to the sphere of servitude, it means the duties of human beings to Allah (SWT). What has Allah (SWT) commanded and forbid? What actions and what deeds attract His consent and what causes His wrath? The answers to these questions have been given wonderfully in the Qur’an.

In both spheres, human mind has no single word to speak. In both spheres there can be no effect of time. Allah (SWT) still is with His person and attributes as He was in pre-eternity. The human pattern of which Allah (SWT) approves is the same as was in the pre-eternity.

Here is a truth that at the time of the previous prophets, in different centuries, there took place different approaches towards the attitudes. And this change has come to an end with mankind’s having reached a point in which everybody can take lessons from a single prophet and be disciplined by a single Book.

These kinds of debates or objections are largely made on the approaches related to attitudes and morality, yet the opposite of those approaches cannot be offered. Objections are made by the people who are used to deterioration; and viewing that the Qur’anic approaches cannot fit into this sort of corrupt society, they attempt at this kind of claims.

Truths do not change according to the number of people. Truth is what it is. Masses should try to find it out and follow it, not to fit the truth according to them.

Let us give two examples. Qur’an has banned alcohol and interest. Nobody but those who are addicted to them can claim that these are good and useful things. In a country or in a century, if the majority of people drink alcohol or are involved in interest, this would not mean that the Qur’an does not address that country or century. On the contrary, that would mean that they are far from being the ones that the Qur’an speaks to, that they are far behind, and that degenerated.

The other approaches are like this.

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