Can those who only believe in God but not other pillars of faith, say prophets or fate, be regarded as believers?

“Faith cannot be separated into parts”. In other words, the truths of faith are a whole, even not to have faith in one of them is enough to make man disbeliever. A believer who believes in God (SWT) must believe in the Holy Qur’an too, so that he may be able to know his Sustainer on the right path. Man through his mind is only able to know that there is One Who created him and this universe but is not able to know about His attributes, actions, names, His orders and prohibitions, the realm of eternity, the ways to Paradise, as long as God (SWT) does not let him know. Then it is impossible to think God (SWT) and the Qur’an apart. One who believes in the Qur’an is supposed to believe as well as in the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) and Gabriel (PBUH), the angel of revelation. This is the greatest step for the faith in prophets and angels. A person who believes in the Qur’an and prophets also believes in all truths and embraces every worship that the Qur’an has informed and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has taught.

The group of people who could be free from divine torment by believing in God (SWT) are the ones who lived in the Era of Chaos (Specifically this era refers to a period of time between Jesus (PBUH) and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when no prophet came to the world but in a general sense, this term can be applied to any period when no prophet came), who were unaware of any prophets, who were not announced about revelation, and do not know how to worship. If there are this kind of people in our age, it might be enough for them to believe in that One created them. We are not obliged to make the people of our age like the ones lived in the Era of Chaos but to tell them about the true faith by looking for them.

Gerçeğe Doğru C:3 (Towards the Truth C:3), Zafer Publications

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