Is following the Quran the only way to reach the truth?

The Quran announces:

Verily this Quran doth guide to that which is most right (Al-Israa Surah, 17:9)

Just as it is a necessity to follow any branch of science in order to make progress in it, so too it is a necessity to accept the methods of the Quran and Sunna (The sayings and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad) as guidance in order to discover the true and truth.

Yes, man can know the nature and attributes of Allah Almighty only through the guidance of the Quran and Sunna. It is only these two through which man can understand where he is coming from, where he is going to, what his duty in the world is, the nature, and truth of the Hereafter. It will be the Holy Book of Allah (SWT) and His Beloved Prophet (PBUH) through which he can understand which actions and behaviors, which manners and situations necessitate; His consent and which necessitate His wrath, which is divine and which is superstitious, which is mistake and which is correct.

A person will understand through the Quran and Sunna how and what to believe in to enter the area of faith and again what deeds to make and what to avoid from in order to remain in the area of Islam.

Since the Quran and Sunna are the criteria for Muslims, then a Muslim is to assess every human belief and faith according to Quran and Hadiths, which are the immediate commentary of Quran.

The only way to find out the truth and to reach the obvious truism is to have faith in the Quran and to act in accordance with it. For the Quran is a Holy Book which has been sent by Allahs Himself to take humanity to absolute goodness and truth.

The Quran encourages man for contemplation because of that has given the necessary materials to the use of mind. Man has been able to read the book of the universe only with the materials it has taught and to discover the concealed truths in it. Just as the sun enlightens the material world, the Quran has been sent to enlighten the spiritual world.

Just as the Quran teaches us to have faith in Allah, which is the first pillar of faith, so too it teaches, to have faith in angels, in divine books, in prophets, in the Hereafter, in fate. A person can be Muslim only having faith in the truths that the Quran announces.

Besides, the Quran has taught Islam, which is composed of all of the orders and prohibitions of Allah Almighty, to Muslims. A believer becomes a perfect Muslim by following these orders and prohibitions perfectly.

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