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Assalam Alaikkum, I have a problem that in my mind there is a fear to every human being that they slap me or they insult me my mind is in the position of tension in every day. My mind is thinking negative to any thing or person my mind and heart have not in peace since last year or so. I have offered pray five times daily and recite Qur’an daily. Please solve my problem I want peace in my mind and my life. Please tell me the wazifa (duty) or something that I read. And why do these kinds of things happen for me?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Your personality is like your psychological skin...
If you play with it, you will be injured seriously. No personality is superior to other kinds of personality.
When its time and place come, any kind of personality can present the best personality.
Besides our personality, there is also our “character”. Our character is our psychological dress.
For this reason, that dress should be clean and fine. In the course of time, that dress becomes worn out and dirty.
The ethics of the Qur’an presents that dress. It is such a fine and clean dress that it fits and suits any personality.
So, you should not focus on your personality, but should focus on your character which is the dress of it.
If the personality structure of the people around you is opposite to yours, you should establish a relationship with people whose personality can understand you.
If they are so close to you that you are unable to break the relationship with them, we advise you to be “patient”.
And you should remind them that what is important is neither to be extrovert, nor introvert, neither to be cheerful nor to be calm; but what is important is the virtues such as not to misappropriate or deceive, to be straightforward and to be chaste...
Our Prophet (peace be upon him) used to embrace those who treated him negatively with his matchless compassion. In addition, he used to pray for their salvation. 

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