Is there anything like "dream interpretation" and how can one get the interpretation of his/her dream?

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Is there anything like "dream interpretation" and how can one get the interpretation of his/her dream?
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Dreams can be interpreted. It is an ability bestowed by God. Not everybody can interpret dreams. Reason and logic are not enough for this. A dream should be told to a merciful person who is able to give good advice. It should not be told to the ones who cannot interpret properly. In a hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) says: “A dream does not come true as long as the dreamer keeps it to himself. If revealed, it comes true. Therefore, tell your dreams only, to the ones who are wise, who loves you and who can give advice to you.” (related by Tirmizi)

Once, Imam Malik was asked “Can everybody interpret dreams?”, and he responded “Is Prophethood to be trifled with?” (namely, is it so an unserious issue? ) And he added: “The interpreter must always say good things. If they see good things, they should say good things. If they see bad things, they should keep quiet.”

He was asked “Even if they see bad things, should they still interpret in a good way?” where he responded “No, dreams are part of the Prophethood, Prophethood is nothing to be trifled with”

Dreams are mainly divided into two parts

First part: The right and fair ones. Such dreams come true in the real world.  These are the dreams seen by the prophets and by their true pious followers. Sometimes, not pious men may have such dreams, too.

Such dreams are divided into three:

1- The ones that do not need any interpretation, they come true as they are very clear. Like the Prophet Abraham’s dream.
2- Requires a partial interpretation. Like the Prophet Joseph’s dream.
3- Requires a thorough interpretation. Like the dream seen by the Ruler of Egypt.

Second part: Some complicated and meaningless dreams which are called “Adğas”. These dreams, also, are divided into several subparts.

a- Satan plays with the dreamer and makes him/her upset. For example, the person dreams that he/she was beheaded and he/she runs after the head. Or sees that he/she falls into a dangerous situation and nobody comes to save him/her.

b- The person dreams that the angels permit him to do unlawful deeds, or they suggest him to do unlawful things. Such happenings are illogical and impossible.

c- The person dreams about something that he spoke about while awake, or wishes something to come true or something that he adopted as a habit in normal life.

Thus, the dreams, apparently, are three types:

a- Divine dreams which are a glad tiding from God.
b- Anything that preoccupies the mind in the daily life, may affect one’s dreams
c- A dream in which the Satan scares the dreamer. This is called a satanic dream

What is incumbent on a Muslim to do, if he/she had a bad dream?
He/she seeks refuge in God three times, from the evil of Satan. Says: “O, God, I seek refuge in you from the evil of Satan who is deprived of your mercy” Prays to God to turn it into goodness. Never tells it to anyone.

A Muslim thanks God when he has a good dream. Rejoices and takes it as a glad tiding. Tells it to someone he loves, not to the ones he doesn’t like.

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