How can you interpret this dream?

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I saw my father coming to one of my cousin house and saying "I am hungry" what does this mean? what should I do ?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

We don't interpret dreams; we hope your dream is auspicious, God willing. This is because the interpretations of dreams change according to the state of those who have them. Therefore, instead of books of dream interpretation, we recommend asking and receiving interpretations from people who are trustable in knowledge and deed.

Those who see beautifully think beautifully; whoever thinks beautifully has beautiful dreams; and whoever has beautiful dreams enjoys his/her life.

According to Islam, there are three kinds of dreams:

1- Salih (benign) dream

2- Dream from the Satan

3- Dream caused by events one experiences

Trustable dream is the state of penetrating the events yet to happen before they occur through natural ability. The Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, say about this: “The dream of believers is one part of the forty six parts of prophethood.”

The dream from the Satan is the apprehension that the Satan inspires in man's heart during sleep in order to scare and cause man to despair. The Prophet says: “If one of you has a dream that s/he likes, it is from Allah. Let him/her offer thanks to Allah for that and let him/her tell his/her dream. If s/he has a dream that s/he doesn't like, it is from the Satan. Let him/her seek refuge in Allah from its harm; and let him/her not mention it to anyone. Otherwise it will harm him/her.”

As for the dream caused by one's experiences; when one busies oneself with something and cares much about it, one will have dreams about it. The Prophet says in one of his hadiths: “Dream is of three kinds: The salih (benign) dream from Allah which gives glad tidings; the dream from the Satan which causes sorrow; the dream caused by man's talking to himself about something and imagining.”

The verse mentioned in Yusuf Surah about Joseph's dream, peace be upon him, and the hadiths mentioned above express that meaning. There are rightful ones in dreams. But it cannot be said that every dream is right and every interpretation is correct. It is not right to act in accordance with dreams and to base one's decisions and actions on them. Even the books of fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) express: Although the Satan cannot assume the image of The Prophet, even if The Prophet commanded in one's dream on the 29th of Shaban that the next day was the first day of Ramadan, so one should fast; even in that case one cannot act in accordance with that dream. This is because, dream is neither knowledge, nor can it be grasped. (Halil GÜNENÇ, Günümüz Meselelerine Fetvalar, II. 300 )

Acting in Accordance with Dream and Inspiration

Dreams and inspirations can be from Allah; or from the Satan and the evil commanding soul. Therefore, they must be well differentiated. The scholars of Islam state that in such matters, if the following conditions are met, one can act accordingly, but that it is not right to force anybody.

1- The dream or the inspiration must not be of the kind which waives a command of our religion or which makes a prohibition of our religion lawful; in other words, it must not be against the religion and the sunnat.

2- The dream or the inspiration must be from such people as Abu Hanifa, Shafii, Imam Rabbani, Imam Gazali whom everybody trusts. Everybody should accept that that person does not ever tell lies and that he knows and follows the principles of the religion thoroughly.

3- The knowledge obtained from dreams or inspirations must not be accepted as commands of the religion. They can only be accepted as advice. Dreams and inspirations are warnings and guidance. They cannot be binding and forcing. Just as those who comply with dream and inspiration cannot be blamed, those who do not comply with it cannot be blamed, either.

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