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I had a dream that is, i think, haram. Because it has to do with lesbians. And ´bad´ dreams are from the satan. But the problem is that they say dreams we like are from Allah, and I feel ashamed to say I liked this dream. I´m trying to not lust for women (being I am a girl), is it haram that I had this dream? And who was this dream from? And is there anything I can do to rid this "want" from myself? Thank you.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

This dream is from the satan. It is the evil commanding soul (nafs) who loves it, but not you. Because of having pleasure, you don’t have any sins.

For more information please click on the link given below;

What is nafs (lower-self)? What can we do against this enemy of ours and how can we protect ourselves from it?

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