Is it permissible to produce and consume artificial meat?

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1. With some new technology, a small piece of meat taken from a live animal can be reproduced in a laboratory to produce a large amount of meat. It is called cultivated meat production or artificial meat. Is it permissible to consume meat produced in this way?
2. If it is said to be permissible, can the same judgment be made if it is part of a satanic plan to destroy cattle and force people to eat artificial meat by using diseases as an excuse, considering the hadith that “deeds are according to their intentions”?

The Answer

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Answer 1:

The things that a Muslim eats must be halal; similarly, the ingredients and what is done in the production process must also be halal.

Accordingly, if all the ingredients used in the reproduction are halal, there is nothing wrong with eating that meat.

Answer 2:

If such a satanic plan is known for certain, and if it is possible to prevent the intention by boycotting the artificial meat, depending on the number of boycotters, the boycott is permissible and even obligatory, but the artificial meat is still not haram.

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