Is it permissible to use Bitmoji and Emoji?

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Emoji: Expressing feelings and thoughts with symbols instead of words.
Bitmoji: The application in which you can create your own virtual characters by changing your hairstyle, body structure, clothes and similar features.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Before a Muslim immediately accepts or rejects every innovation, he must decide according to our faith, halals, harams and ethics. Thus, he will not call something that is halal as haram and harmless, and he will not call something that is haram and objectionable as halal.

Accordingly, let us try to briefly summarize the inconvenient things that we must pay attention to:

1. It must not be contrary to the Islamic faith, like elements that contain polytheism.

2. It must not be a symbol of another religion, like the sign of the Cross.

3. It must be in accordance with the rules of the religion of Islam. For example, it must not be of the type that disdain deeds of worship such as prayer and fasting, or it must not represent haram things such as alcohol and gambling.

4. It must be in accordance with Islamic ethics. For example, it must not contain things that are haram to look at.

5. It must not contain insults to any person, institution, race, nation, religion, etc.

6. Misleading bitmoji must not be used. For example, a woman must not imitate a man or a man must not imitate a woman.

It is not haram to make or use bitmoji and emoji provided that you pay attention to and comply with the issues above and similar ones.

However, we would like to remind you that it would be more accurate to express your thoughts in writing instead of symbols.

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